Labor Day Parade; Flint Glass Workers to attend, likely Hemingray employees


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


Of Exercises For Tomorrows Celebration.

How Labor Day Will be Observed.

Official Program of Parade, Line of March, Speeches, and Amusements at the Fair Grounds.

Following is the official program of exercises and amusements for the celebration of Labor Day (tomorrow) as prepared by the committee on arrangements of the Trades Council.


Officers of the Day – Grand Marshal, G.P. Hayworth; Aides, Dan O’Mears and Sam Cashmore, Sr.

Formation of parade which starts at 10:30am.

First Division forms on Adams street resting on Mulberry.

Second Division forms on Charles street resting on Mulberry.

Third Division forms on Pearl street resting on Mulberry.

LINE OF MARCH. The parade moves at 10:30 a. m. from Adams street south on Mulberry to Wall street on Wall to Walnut, north on Walnut to Main, east on Main to Jefferson, north on Jefferson to Washington, west on Washington to Walnut, west on Main to High. Disband, take cars to Fair Grounds.


Advance Guard of Bicycle Riders

Muncie Fire Department

Grand Marshal of the Day and Aids

Patrol Wagon

Chief Police

Special Police

Mayor and Speakers of the Day in Carriages

Muncie City Band

Green Glass Workers

Flint Glass Workers

Window Glass Workers

Green Glass Pressers’ League

Green Glass Employes


Drum Corps

A A of I & S W No. 4

A A of I & S W No 20

A A of I & S W No 23

A A of I & S W No 22

Machinists Union No. 306

Plumbers Steam and Gas Fitters




Military Band

Cigar Makers Union

Bakers’ Union

A F of L Union

C & J of A Union

O P J A Union

Bricklayers’ Union

Building Laborers

Teamasters’ Union

Business Men’s Display

Citizens in Carriages


Ed Gilroy, Master of Ceremonies.


11:30 a. m. – A dress of Welcome by Mayor Brady.


Ample preparations have been made for the serving of dinner on the grounds.

1:30 p. m. – Address on Labor by D.F. Kennedy, of Indianapolis.

2:30 p. m. – Bicycle races.

1st prize, pair bicycle shoes.

2 pair, bicycle hose.

2nd prize, sweater.

3rd prize, pair of bicycle hose.

4th prize, bicycle hose.

Foot race – 1st prize, $5.00 cash and $1.00 hat. 2nd prize, box cigars.

Fat Man’s Race – 1st price $5 umbrella, 2d prize, a fine shirt, 3rd prize, box cigars

Sack Rack - $5 pair pants.

Foot Race – Boys under 16 years of age, Prize, pair fine shoes.

7:00 – Concert by Muncie City Bad.

Admission free to concert.


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