Hemingray's barn fire among others suspected of being set by arsonists


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


A Gang of Them Supposed to Be Located in Muncie.

And It Will Be a Good Thing For You to Keep Your Eye Open for Them – The Police are Working and Think They Have a Slight Clue.

From the number of barn fires that have occurred in Muncie within the last few nights it is very evident that a gang, or probably only a couple of barn burners are located in Muncie.

Wednesday night Frank Wilson’s barn and Hemingray’s barn were burned. The Wilson barn was burned at about 10 o’clock and no fire had been in the barn for hours which was not left there. This barn was undoubtedly fired by the rascals. Later that night a second fire occurred at Hemingrays. It was plain to see that this barn had been set on fire as it originated just inside an open window.

Yesterday morning shortly before 2 o’clock an alarm from Box1-2 called Station No. 1 to a barn owned by O.W. Nelson, who resides at 221 West Washington street. This fire had been almost put out by some men when the department arrived. It was very evident that this barn had been set on fire, too, as Mr. Nelson says the rear door had been left closed, but when discovered it was wide open and the fire had been started in the idle of the stall, no horses being in the barn.


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