Hemingray will put in a tank furnace


Publication: The Muncie News

Muncie, IN, United States


Hemingray’s Will Commence at Once on Improvements.


Of Their Works and Giving Employment to One Hundred More Men Than They are Working at The Present Time.

The Hemingray glass works will keep up with the procession and put in a tank furnace.

This question has been finally settled and the work will be commenced this morning of erecting the necessary buildings for the improvement.

Since being rebuilt their business has increased so rapidly that they have been unable to supply the orders, which made some movement of this kind necessary.

The tank, when it is completed and in working order, will doubt the capacity of their works thoughout [sic] throughout, and give employment to over one hundred more men than they now employed.

The contract will be let very shortly for the construction of the tank and the work will be pushed as rapidly as it is possible to.


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