Muncie factories order fire boxes; Hemingray shared with Ball & Over


Publication: The Muncie News

Muncie, IN, United States


The Factories Have Commenced to That Out.

The manufacturers are commencing to recognize the fact that they must have fire boxes if they want their buildings protected.

Box 59, for the Pulp mill, has arrived, and will be attached to the city lines as soon as the wire arrives. The Nelson Glass works have ordered a box, it will be 17, and is expected within the next few weeks. It is badly needed down in that vicinity. Box 61, to be located at the corner of Merriweather and Macedonia, was purchased by the Ball Bros, Hemingrays and Overs. It can be used by the property holders as well as manufacturers.

Now that the Congerville factories are to have water, it would be a good thing for them to get boxes.

The six boxes ordered by the city will be here in a very few weeks.


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