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J. O. Jensen is Building a New Tank

[Trade Journal]

Publication: National Glass Budget

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 16, no. 49, p. 9, col. 1


J. O. Jensen Making Rapid Strides

in the Line of Tank, Lear and

Gas Producer Construction.


Since the rapid displacement of the pot system by the tank process began in the glass industry a number of new recruits in the shape of tank, lear, and gas producer builders have entered the field, some of whom are making excellent headway and bid fair to become important factors in this line of business. One of the most conspicuous among those who have recently taken up this work is Mr. J. O. Jensen, or Rochester, N. Y., who has for many years made a special study of furnace construction, but it was not until 1899 that he engaged in the business himself and in the short space of two years he has met with phenomenal success and at present has among his patrons some of the most successful glass manufacturers in the country as can be seen from the following list: A. J. Mansfield & Co., of Lockport, N. Y., one 45-ton continuous tank that is supplying abundant glass for 14 bottle and fruit jar shops. Mr. Jensen also constructed the gas producers for this furnace and the lears in use at this factory. Scarcely had he finished this work, when the Lockport Glass Co., of the same city, was organized to make machine made jars and after a careful examination of his work, closed a contract with him for a furnace, gas producers, and seven lears. At this factory the lears are heated with producer gas and give perfect satisfaction. His next work was a 9-ring continuous tank with producers for the Standard Bottle & Glass Co., at Allentown, Pa., and this spring and summer will be the busiest since engaging in the business. He is now building a tank for the Hemingray Glass Co., of Muncie, Ind., and has just closed a contract for remodeling the three furnaces of the Massillon Bottle & Glass Co., of Massillon, O., which are now being operated only during the day, so that both night and day work can be performed, and he will also construct nine lears for this company, with gas producers to be used in connection with the lears. Another large contract for this summer is the furnace work for the entire plant of Ball Brothers' gigantic works at Muncie, Ind., and the construction of gas producers for the same.

The work performed by Mr. Jensen speaks for itself and can be seen at any of the above mentioned places. He is in the business to stay and is in position to promptly perform any work entrusted to his care. His address is No. 334 Plymouth avenue, Rochester, N. Y. Parties contemplating the extension of their plants, the making of repairs, or the erection of new factories should make a note of the above facts, and include Mr. Jensen in their list of bidders.


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