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Producer Gas Tanks Installed at Hemingray Glass Company

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Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 23, no. 29, p. 2, col. 1



Conditions at Window Factories at Muncie,

Arcadia, Montpelier and Elwood - Atlanta

Chimney Plans.

By H. W. Gauding


Muncie, Ind., May 3. - Tank blocks were set at the American Window Glass Co.'s Muncie factory (the old Maring Hart plant) the fore part of last week and Factory Manger W. D. Davis says they are now in good trim for the balance of the fire.

Thirty-seven places are being worked and Otto Holdren, whom we found in charge of the company's business interests, said they have averaged between 36 and 37 shops the entire season. A good run has been recorded since the start, in fact, the men are a unit in saying that this has been the most successful in a number of years.

The amount of glass on hand is about ordinary, or perhaps a little heavier than at this time last year.

Materials have already been ordered for the usual tank repairs during the summer. There are persistent rumors that producers will be put in during the shut down as it is said the gas service has not been satisfactory. When questioned on the subject, Mr. Holdren said he had no definite information from the American officials. However it appears to be the general impression among Muncie workers that the change from natural gas to producer gas will be made in the near future. Ball Bros. and Hemingray have installed producers and it is only natural to suppose that the American will follow suit not only with factory No. 10 but also the old Over plant, which has been idle this season. Both are good factories located in a good town and could doubtlessly be successfully operated even when one takes into consideration the prevailing scarcity of men.

Harry Hinds, the well known veteran blower, is chief preceptor at No. 10 and reports nearly all the shops working are in good shape. Factory Manager Davis has been at this plant for about 14 years, and Mr. Holdren has been in the office department for a long time. From here the latter went to Dunkirk last season where he remained six months returning to accept the position made vacant by the resignation of C. G. Milligan who is now at the head of the Danville, Ill venture.


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