Hemingray Glass Company - Muncie, Indiana

New Tank is Doing Well - Gas Supply is Adequate Since Closure of American Window Glass Company

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Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 24, no. 11, p. 1, col. 4



Breezy Budget of Fresh Glass News From Our

Special Correspondent - Ball Bros. Immense

Plant at Muncie in Full Operation With

Satisfactory Conditions Prevailing - Good

Report Form the Hemingray Plant - Oil

System to be Installed at the Macbeth

Evans Elwood Works - Producers Completed

at McCloy's Factory.


By B. J. McMahon.


The Hemingray Glass Co., of Muncie, are making a remarkably good run with producer gas in their two tanks. The new tank which was started and built this season has made good glass from the first day. The management report everything in good shape at present. They had some trouble getting enough gas for their pot furnace, but since the shutting down of the American Window Glass Co. plant here they have had a good supply and think they will have no more trouble this season. In conversation with some of the men we could get nothing but praise for the producer gas. They all like it much better than natural gas and say they are sure of work every day.

At the mammoth machine plant of Ball Bros. the entire plant is in operation and everyone doing well. They were bothered recently on account of a shortage of gas, but by using the Pettibone-Loomis water gas in their lehrs they have succeeded in getting enough fuel for operating purposes. Fred E. Jewett, the factory manager in the green department, says that the water gas works will in the lehrs and that they will continue to use it as long as there is any trouble getting natural gas. This firm during the past summer have remodeled all their furnaces and had them built after the Jenson plan, all ready to use coal. They expect to erect Jenson producers to supply all their furnaces with gas as soon as the natural gas gives out, and from present indications it will not be long.

In the flint department Manager David H. Scott reports everything going well and all shops working steadily. These three furnaces run on mason jars and have a daily capacity of 10,000 dozen. On the bottle tank they are making every shape and style of wide mouth bottle and some of the workers say they make ware with fancy rings or finishes that would be impossible to finish by hand, while on the machine it is no trouble at all.

The Macbeth-Evans Glass Co. has started to put in an oil system at their Elwood works. They have the foundation started for the oil tanks, and the machinery and piping is on the way and they expect to have it completed by the first of the year if nothing unforeseen happens. They will then be so situated that if natural gas gets short they will not have to lose any time. All that will be necessary will be to start their pumps and light the oil fire.

The W. R. McCloy Glass Co., of Elwood, have completed their producer house and in the course of a few days will install a gas engine. With these improvements and those made during the summer they have one of the finest chimney plants in Indiana. Manager James says they have a fine set of men, all the business they can do and that they will lay off only one day for Christmas.

The Magic City Fishing Club, composed of popular flints at the Hemingray plant in Muncie, has been reorganized for the coming year and has opened beautiful rooms. The officers are as follows: Harry Neuerman, president; Thos. Drundy, vice president; Patrick Leaghey, secretary; John Sullivan, treasurer; Elmer Hilton, guard. They will give a banquet Christmas in their new club rooms.

Harry Neuerman, one of Hemingray's most popular young flint workmen, was married Dec. 6 to Miss Amanda S. King in their own home, which they had all fitted up before the happy event. The wedding was largely attended by the friends and relatives of the young couple and they were the recipients of a great many beautiful presents, one of which was a large willow rocker, presented by the Magic City Fishing Club, of which Mr. Neuerman is president.

It is reported here on good authority that the Commercial Club, of Muncie, is making an effort to raise capital to locate a co-operative window glass factory in this place. The object is to keep the blowers here who own their own homes and have been thrown out of work by the closing of American's big plant here.

Adam Steinmeyer, an old Pittsburg boy and a well known flint, is in Muncie, having just returned from the Klondike, where he spent 18 months in the search for gold. This is the first time in six years that Mr. Steinmeyer has been east of the Rocky mountains. The last place he worked in the east was at Montreal, Can. He tells some very interesting tales of his life in the west and the frozen north, where his partner died, and he made up his mind to come back to the states.


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