Delegate Election of AFGWU, Daniel Cummings and Edward Hice of Hemingray listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 24, no. 33, p. 14, col. 1-4


Me Who Will Represent the American Flint

Glass Workers' Union at Cincinnati.

Local Union No. 1, Brooklyn, N. Y - Max Zeitz, Alex Latourness, Chris Jantz and John E. Smith.

2, Muncie, Ind Machine Jar and Bottle Department - William P. Clarke, Martin Joyce, Paul Martin and Cornelius Clarke.

4, Pittsburg Press Geo. Liffert.

5, Pittsburg, Pa. Chimney Val Remmel, Frank Lauer and Jos. Dengler.

8, Steubenville, O. Chimney - James McSwiggen, Edward McMiniman, Joseph Houser, William Cottman, George Hawkes, Hugh Fullen and Austin Dougherty.

9, Wheeling, W. Va. Press Henry Leiner, F. Lyons, T. Defibaugh, Wm. Brannin.

10, Moundsville, W. Va. Pressed and Blown Ware John F. Mullen, Jas. McKay and John Leonard.

15, Martin's Ferry, O. Pressed and Blown Ware Wash Rose and John O'Connell.

16, New Martinville, W. Va. Iron Mold W. D. Hassner.

23, Muncie, Ind. Pressed and Blown Ware Daniel Cummings and Edward Hice.

24, Montreal, Can. Pressed and Blown Ware Jerry O'Neill, Michael Murphy and Thomas Bates.

27, Salem, W. Va. Chimney John J. Hackett.

No. 29, Marion, Ind. Press James Donahue.

30, Newark, O. Press Thos. Driscoll.

31, Fostoria, O. Paste Mold and Bulb Joseph O'Malley, Victor Kuntz, George Koplin.

34, Bellaire, O. Pressed and Blown R. W. Archer, Jas. Shackelford, R. Hansen.

38, Beaver Falls, Pa. Press Gustave Groth and Louis J. Estermyer.

39, Byesville, O. Blown Ware Andrew Collins.

40, Marietta, O. Press Wm. A. Dunfee and Andrew Kennan.

41, Charleroi, Pa. Chimney, Press, Iron Mold and. Machine Wm. Palmer, Harry Kreutzer, George Lynch, George Burkhardt, Harry Diehl, Anthony Murphy, Jr.

L. U. No. 41, Chicago Heights, Ill. Irwin Lehman.

44, Alton, Ill. - Mold Making and Caster Place Geo. H. Seibold.

50, Elwood, Ind. Chimney Dan Closz, Reed McElfresh.

51, Kokomo, Ind. Press Geo. Hart.

55, Washington, Pa. Press Calvin Allen, G. Langenbacher, Harvey McCracken, Herbert Hall.

56, Breckinridge, Pa. Stopper Grinders M. J. Fitzgerald.

58, Wheeling, W. Va. Mold Makers Fred Harpfer and J. W. Werner.

60, Tacony, Pa. Pressed and Blown Ware Ernest Putalez and E. Hossack.

61, Greentown, Ind. Press Daniel Cline, Louis Moritz.

62, Uniontown, Pa. Paste Mold John Keating and Harry Green.

64, Philadelphia Pressed and Blown Ware Chas. Shipman, John F. Monahan, T. Anderson, Wm. Gardner, Frank Dougherty, James McDonald and J. Loftus.

66, Bowling Green, O. Cutters Charles Smith.

71, Indiana, Pa. Pressed and Blown Joseph Schertzinger and Tim Lavelle.

72, North Vernon, Ind. Chimney Fred Demmel.

73, Cicero, Ind. Press Henry Funk.

74, Cambridge, O. Iron and Paste Mold Geo. W. Simpson and W. W. Huch.

77, Summitville, Ind. Press Wes Werlin.

78, Rochester, Pa. Cutters R. S. Levis.

80, Coraopolis, Pa. Iron and Paste Mold F. H. Cupps and R. Mansberger

81, Toledo, O. Caster Place and Paste Mold Chas. Green, Wm. Frank, Fred Shane, John Cowley, Wm. Kleges.

82, Washington, Pa. Paste Mold and Shade Thos. Carney and J. W. Kennedy.

83, Fairmount, Ind. Machine Department John McCullough.

86, Jeannette, Pa. Max Froelich, Geo. Werner and Harry Metz, Press Department. Emil Ebeck, Chimney, and Edward Freese, Moldmaker.

93, Central City, W. Va. Punch Tumbler Jesse M. Price.

94, Summitville, Ind. Chimney August Williams, H. S. Conroy.

96, Steubenville, O. Pressed and Blown Ware George Green.

99, Bridgeport, O. Press and Iron Mold Jas. Madden, George W. Conaway and Harry E. Cauley.

101, Marion, Ind. White Liner Edward Hayes, Harry Gillen, John McCaffrey.

No. 103, Jeannette, Pa. Press Geo. Puff and Jacob Haberbeck.

No. 107. Dunkirk, Ind. Press James Coughlin and Bert Anderson.

115, Muncie, Ind. White Liners John O'Brien, Jerry Sullivan and Jas. R. McLain.

124, Toledo, O. Machine Chas. Crabtree.

126, Wellsburg, W. Va. Press Peter Youngman.

127, Lancaster, O. Pressed and Blown Ware Chas. E. Jewell and Owen McKay.

128, Fairmont, W. Va. Caster Place Albert Landry.

135, Rochester, Pa. Press and Paste Mold John Hamilton, Michael Morgan, John Johnson and Wm. Elliot.

136, Rochester, Pa. Press and Paste Mold William Fehr, George Fehr, Albert Mills and William Graham.

147, Tarentum, Pa. Press Wm. Robinson.


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