Obituary; David Gray worked at Hemingray

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, OH, United States


DAVID GRAY, age 65 years, died November 3, 1943, at Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie, Indiana. Mr. Gray was born in Princeton, Ky., and began working at the glass trade in 1912 with the Hemmingway [sic] Hemingray Glass Company, which later became the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. He was an active member of Local Union No. 517, American Flint Glass Workers' Union until his death. He will be sadly missed at his work by his fellow workers and all who knew him.

Mr. Gray is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Espenola Grider, two brothers, William and Arthur Gray, and a grandson, Raymond Grider, all of Muncie, Indiana.


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