Bill Jenkins retires from Owens-Illinois, Muncie; worked as mold maker for 55 years

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Publication: American Flint

Toledo, OH, United States
vol. 39, no. 4, p. 27,28, col. 1-2,1-2


YE EDITOR By Wm. G. Muhleman

Bill Jenkins, Veteran Mould

Maker, Retires


Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1950, Bill Jenkins, a veteran mould maker, employed with the Owens-Illinois Glass Co., Muncie, Ind., retired after 55 years of service with one of the longest records of company service in the Muncie, Ind., plant, and a service record that measures among the longest in the Owens-Illinois Company.

It was a double celebration for Bill as he was celebrating his 80th birthday anniversary. The entire plant organization paid tribute to him on that day. In honor of the occasion Carl Smith, plant manager, proclaimed Feb. 8th as "Bill Jenkins Day" and appointed Bill honorary mould shop supervisor for the day.

Bill joined the Hemingray Glass Company in 1894, doing general factory duty, but soon moved into the mould shop where he has been ever since.


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At that time the mould shop was located where the cullet crusher now stands, and nothing but dirt roads ran through the plant.


Burned in Explosion


In all his years with Hemingray and Owens-Illinois, Bill has had only one serious accident. In 1908 he was seriously burned in a gas explosion in the plant and almost lost his left arm.

No octogenarian in physical condition or spirit, Bill is as active and spry as most men many years his junior.

Bill's father worked in the plant before him, and his son, William Jr., once worked there. He has two other children.

Bill was born in Louisville, Ky., Feb. 8, 1870, and attended school in Covington. He worked three years for the Hemingray Company in Covington when there was a plant there.

Mr. Jenkins is a member of Local Union No. 50, American Flint Glass Workers' Union of North America, and attended conventions of the organization in years gone by.

His many friends join in wishing him many years of happy living ahead.


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