Muncie, Ind.; A tank down for repairs, B tank back into production

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, OH, United States
vol. 54, no. 7, p. 19,29, col. 1-2,1

local news

                                                                                    Deadline for Local News 10th of Month.

MUNCIE, INDIANA Don Everhart . . .

Hello Flints, again this is Owens-Illinois Local 50 of Muncie, Indiana. We in the mold shop are working forty hours at this time, but the rest of the departments have some men laid off due to A tank going down for a thirty day repair job. By the first of July, all will be called back and no doubt some new men hired. Our B tank was down for a short time and when it went back into production you would have hardly known it was the same place. Everything looked so clean with its new coat of paint. To quote one man's feelings, Ed Pennycuff, anyone would be proud to work in here and I guess he's right for it is nice. At this writing we have no one off in the shop for vacation, but I received word that my brother Tim and his family are coming home this month so I might take a few days off to be with him. He is a member of Local 139 in California.

Our shop at this time has some outside work and several new jobs coming through for this plant, so by the middle of July we will be pretty busy with all shops running too.

Doris Herbert had a birthday last month. His thirty-ninth he said, but I'm sure he was thirty-nine when I came here to work. Maybe I should decipher some of his fish stories, too. Doris' brother, Henry, told me a long time ago that Doris took his wife and mother fishing with him all the time because he couldn't catch the fish but they could. Last summer, Doris and his son Farrol took Lyle Buckner and I turtle hunting and his son caught all the turtles. Doris said Farrol was a beginner. Don't get me wrong, Lyle and I were just bystanders. We wouldn't stick our hands in those holes for anything, even the smallest snapping turtle snaps. Some of the boys in the shop are catching some nice Crappies and Blue Gills here at the new reservoir just east of Muncie a couple of miles. The size and quantity seems to grow every year.

Paul Warner of this shop went bowling the other night and really ended up with a heart breaker. Paul rolled eleven strikes in a row and ended up with a 298. Some game in anyone's book.

The other evening Jim Palmer was seen leaving the shop with what looked like an oversized model 'T' crank, but later we found out that this Fourth of July, Jim is going to roast a pig on a spit that, he built. Sounds good, doesn't it? May we will all join him.

This is all for now so, Buy American.


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