Muncie, Ind.; The plant is running full production

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, Ohio, United States
vol. 54, no. 9, p. 18,40-41, col. 1,2,1

local news

                                                                                    Deadline for Local News 10th of Month.

MUNCIE, INDIANA Don Everhart . . .

Hello, Flints, this is Local Union 50 of Owens-Illinois, Muncie, Indiana. I'm glad to report this plant is running full production again after a few days down time on each of our tanks. In the past I have reported on the face-lifting that's been going on at our plant and it seems as though it's not going to stop, for everywhere you look men are working at fixing up.

Albert Delk had his first news letter in twenty-five years in the July issue of the Flint, and possibly he didn't get to read it for Albert passed away on July 22nd. I'm not going to try to tell you what a fine man he was or how good a tradesman he was or how good a union man he was, because all who knew him liked him. All share in my sympathy for Mrs. Delk and daughter, Shelia. Because of Al's moves throughout the trade he was possibly the most individually known and liked man in the trade, and for many, many years to come. He was truly a salesman of our American glass industry.

It seems when bad news comes it comes in bunches. One of our men in the shop, Kirby Johnson, had a serious auto accident on the way home from California which put him and his wife in the hospital for several days. We all wish them a speedy recovery.

If it hadn't been for some good news I don't think I would have even written a news letter this month, but I'm glad to report that I talked to John Schwyn last month and was glad to hear he was getting along so well in his retirement. John retired from Ball Brothers three years ago and now lives in Orlando. Florida. John's address is John Schwyn, 1290 South Orange Blossom, Orlando, Florida. I am sure he would appreciate a card from any of his friends.

A few months back I gave news of Bill Tracy in my letter and mentioned his being ill at the time, and asked all his old friends to write to him or send him a card. The cards and letters he received were what made my news letter worth writing. Bill received a letter from a retired buddy whom he hadn't seen or heard from since 1909 when they roomed together; another from the brother of the same gentleman and still another card from another old friend sorry, I don't know these men's names, but I'll find out and have them in one of my letters later on. Bill is better now but he still would like to hear from more of his old friends. Just address his mail : Bill Tracy, Dunkirk, Indiana.

Like I said, if it weren't for the good news. I received a letter from Sid Groce. He works for the old Lamb Glass Company in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and he asked me about another old friend, Ralph Rietenonr. But all I could tell him is that Ralph works in California now. So if Ralph or any of Sid's old friends would like to write him, his address is Sid Groce, R.D. 2, Howard, Ohio.

We have had several of the shop men off on vacation, as follows: Gene Tharpe went to Florida for some free meals from his mother-in-law; Leroy Wagner went to the Smokies to feed the bears; Joseph E. Dickson went to Michigan to feed the fish. By the way, Ed's daughter and new husband were home from Washington state to visit, and I know Marty, Ed's wife, was happy about that. Paul Warner is on vacation in California for four weeks.

Lylc Buckner and his bride of nine years, Mary, went to Niagara Falls. They took their three children. Jim Palmer and family went to New York and then down to Washington, D. C. to see President Kennedy's grave. Earl Hiett [sic] Hiatt and family also went to see the Smokies. Morris Grile and family vacationed at one of our Indiana lakes.

In Al Delk's letter he mentioned not knowing the whereabouts of my brother, Glen. For those who are interested he recovered completely from his illness and is employed at the Crown City Chevrolet Company in Dunkirk, Indiana.

This is all for now, so Buy American.


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