Muncie, Ind.; On October 14th, our plant was dedicated for color TV faceplace production

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Publication: American Flint

Toledo, OH, United States
vol. 54, no. 12, p. 22,40, col. 1-2

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MUNCIE, INDIANA Don Everhart . . .

Hello, Flints, this is Owens-Illinois Local Union 50 of Muncie, Indiana. Work in the shop seems to be picking up a little, and in other departments of the plant it has never been so good.

Just about a year ago I reported we of Owens were experimenting with color TV face plates. On October 14th our plant was officially dedicated by John P. Kearney, Vice President and General Manager of our Consumer and Technical Products Division and Ed Spence, our Plant Manager. Guests at the dedication ceremonies included Mayor John Hampton of Muncie, Alec M. Turner, Owens-Illinois Executive Vice President, and AFGWU President George M. Parker, First Vice President Albert Vottero and the plant Union Chairman Joseph Ed Dickson, Miscellaneous, Clifford "Red" Mann, Operators and Local Union 50 Representative Maurice Grile. In the ceremonies it was stated that our plant was the only supplier of color face plates in the mid-west and one of two in the United States. Owens-Illinois expects to capture at least 35 per cent of the market of color TV bulbs in 1965.

Our plant employed about two hundred people when this started and by the first of the year we should be working three hundred and fifty. At this time we are not nearly in full production. Before I came to work here I had no idea what it took to make a television set, but it's no wonder they cost so much, because of the process and handling the face plates alone go through. I think the employees of Owens-Illinois deserve a word of thanks for a job being well done, starting with our mold makers who make the mold equipment, then to the operators and men who have the ability to make the face plates, and then to our selectors who are guided by our Quality Control men, then to our newly-developed Stud Insertion Department, which inserts the studs that keep the face plate in place, and finally to our polish and grind men who make the face plate blemish-free. This is not nearly all that our face plates go through to insure a good picture on our TV's but there are some things that are not permissible to print at this time.

We still have two men off sick, Delbert Hurdle and Kirby Johnson. We expect them back soon.

Jim Palmer arrd Thurman Evans went fishing at Bowl Shoals, but didn't do any good. Better luck next time, boys.

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