Muncie, Ind.; Only one shop is running on TV tubes

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, Ohio, United States
vol. 62, no. 6, p. 19,33, col. 1-2,1-2

local news

                                                                                    Deadline for Local News 10th of Month.

MUNCIE, INDIANA Mary Jo Sollars . . . A great big hello, from Owens Illinois Glass, of Muncie. It's been a long time since we've done any reporting, so will not try to catch up, just start from here and try to keep up from now on.

Work still isn't up to par here, with only one shop running, but we keep hoping things will get better by and by. We do have three shifts going in Color Finishing, and two in Final Selecting. Just keep on buying new TVs.

Our Onlzed Bowling League finished the season with Masons Oasis team consisting of F. Wilson, R. Coon, A. Cavanaugh, T. Evans, H. Thorpe, D. Corn and J. Daniels winning first place. Second place was won by the Kirklin and Son team of H. Boyd, E. Carpenter, D. Davenport, H. Pyle, C. Rydenbark and P. Swearingen. The Golf League and Baseball teams are just starting their season. Reporting this, I just realized we have nothing but men's activities to report. Fellow females unite! There are a few girls playing baseball on city teams, etc. but I guess most of us can't spare as much time as they do. Very few men have to hurry home and cook, do the laundry and all the other daily chores of the working wife and mother. Well next time I'll report on some of the activities of the working woman.

We've several off on sick leave at the present time: E. Hayes, B. Garret, and C. Brant, Selecting Department, G. Warner and R. Cook, Forming, M. Welles, Packing Department, J. Ely and D. Toomer, Color Finishing and one face we all miss is Jim Carr's from Quality Control. Jim has worked for Owens since October, 1941 and never missed a day until this recent illness. Get well soon, all of you.

Well so long until next month and here's a thought to live by, "Real joy comes not from ease or riches, or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile."


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