Susan Hemingray weds Robert Scott


Publication: The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

Fort Wayne, IN, United States
p. 4, col. 5


Polo Player's Divorced Wife Marries

Lover of Her Youth.

MUNCIE, IN. June 18. The boy-and-girl love of Miss Sue Hemingray and Robert Scott, Jr., which was interrupted by the marriage of the young Muncie heiress and society favorite to David Cusick, the flaxen-haired polo player, a few years ago, will culminate to-morrow in New York city, when the young woman, her divorce obtained and her maiden name restored, will be united in marriage to young Scott. Not even the young man's parents here his father is Robert Scott, a wealthy hardware merchant and one of the city's most prominent business men were aware of the young people's engagement until they received an invitation to the wedding last week. Last night Mrs. Scott and her daughter, Miss Daisy, departed for New York to be present at the nuptials. None of the other relatives of the young man or woman will attend.

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