Connersville delegation visits Muncie


Publication: The Connersville Times

Connersville, IN, United States
vol. 71, no. 30, p. 2, col. 2-3



With Some Fifty Passengers

Besides Band.

Many Leading Citizens in Party Big

Banners Decorate Coach Quaint

Remark of Bystander.




Special to the Evening News.


Muncie, May 22 4 p. m. The delegation of Connersville boomers had full sway in Muncie, from ten o'clock this morning until three o'clock this afternoon, when they left on their special train for Anderson.

Received at the station by the Muncie Commercial club, the visitors and their band were escorted to the handsome Commercial club building, from, whence they went on special street cars to the immense Ball Brothers' glass plant, the Indiana Bridge company's plant, managed by Charles M. Kimbrough, formerly of Connersville, and the Broderick and Quinlain Boiler works. A lunch was served at one o'clock, an informal meeting following. Speeches were made by Mayor Sherrit, H. C. R. Wall, president of the Commercial club, George F. McCulloch. Mr. Kimbrough and V. E. Silverburg, of Muncie, and Francis T. Roots, E. V. Hawkins and A. E. Leiter, of Connersvllle. Mr. Hawkins said among the many things of which Connersville is proud is the gubernatorial candidacy of Mr. Roots. Twenty-two automobiles hauled the visitors and hosts over the city and suburbs. At the station Mr. Roots led in cheers for Muncie, whose representative replied in vociferous cheers for the visitors.


As the special train for the gas-belt cities, carrying the merchants and manufacturers' party, moved out, this morning a bystander remarked musingly:

"They are leaving the city for the city's good!" Then, after a pause that might be indicated with a comma, he went on They will come home to-morrow evening, refreshed from their rest, their ideas enlarged by what they heard and saw and that means a whole lot of good for Connersville."

This philosopher was right. Among those who went on the excursion, to-day, are the men who do things and get things done, men who have built up Connersville factories from small beginnings until their products are known far and wide. They too are the men who lend their time and means in getting new industries that redound to the good of all.

The Military Band, in neat new uniforms, accompanied the party and will make themselves heard at many towns as the the train swings around the circle. Great banners decorated the sides of the main coach, bearing the prophecy of a twenty thousand population for Connersville at no distant day. A complete list of those going had not been prepared, but the following was taken at random in and about the train just before it started and it is thought there are several omissions.

J. M. Heron, L. T. Bower, C. C. Bower, M. Hollberg, A. A. Ansted, W. A. Hull, J. E Page, E. W. Tatman, W. C. Blum, Mart Meyer, L. A Frazee, E. W. Ansted, E. V. Hawkins, Fred Snider, Ward Halladay, Ben Ball. J. C .Mount, J. A. Chrismer, F. T. Roots, J. H. Fearls, A. E. Leiter, R. D.Wall, R. T. Huston, F. F. Kerwood, R. M. LaRue, C. L. Matthewson, A. Harry McFarlan, J. E. McFarlan, T. C. Bryson, W. E. Brown, E. P. Hawkins, Charles Moneyhon, Will Hopkins, J. H Mount, R. M. Burges, J. W. Fawcett, E. A. Enos and B. F. McCready.

Mr. Thistlewaite, a representative of the Indianapolis News, joined the party here.

A photograph of the train was taken by John Kellum just before it started.




The Muncie Star this morning spoke at length of the coming of the Connersville visitors. It said in part:

The reception committee is composed of the following: Mayor Sheritt, George F. McCulloch, W. A. McNaughton, Charles B. Fudge, Thomas A. Pewitt, V. E. Sliverburg, F. D. Haimbaugh, Robert L. Williamson, C. M. Kimbrough, Eugene Valet, Frank L. Gass, Edward Bishop and Roy Zeigler. This committee will have charge of the visitors from the time they arrive until the time of their departure. In entertaining they will be assisted by the various regular committees of the Commercial club.

From the train the party will be escorted over the street car lines to the plants of the Ball Brothers' Glass Manufacturing company, the Indiana Bridge company, Hemingray Glass company and the Broderick and Quinlain Boiler works.

At noon luncheon will be served in the dining room at the Commercial club.




The afternoon will be spent in touring the city in automobiles. This trip will afford the best view of the city and will include a ride through McCulloch Park. The Connersville club is coming to get some ideas of the results that have been brought about by the thrift and energy of Muncie's merchants and manufacturers. The reception committee and every member of the Commercial club will make all efforts to impress the visitors with every advantage afforded by Muncie and demonstrate why Muncie is the best city of the gas belt. After leaving Muncie the Connersville party will visit Anderson and Marion.

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