H. W. Johns-Manville has convention for managers

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas

San Francisco, CA, United States
vol. 14, no. 4, p. 130, col. 2



A convention of branch managers, department managers and salesmen of the H. W. Johns-Manville Company was in session from February 15-20, 1904. Representatives to the number of about thirty-five from all parts of the country were present, the company having branches in New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Pittsburg, New Orleans, London.

The delegates first met in Hartford, where they were the guests of the Johns-Pratt Company, manufacturers of the famous Sachs " Noark" enclosed fuses, line materials and other electrical goods for which the H. W. Johns-Manville Company are sole agents.

The object of the convention was to bring all branches into closer touch with each other and to give opportunity for a general discussion of all the enormously varied lines manufactured by this company.


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