National Arm Pin and Bracket Association formed

[Trade Journal]

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Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 6, no. 3, p. 204, col. 2


The manufacturers of arms, pins and brackets used in electrical wiring succeeded in organizing the National Arm, Pin and Bracket Association, with forty members, including some of the largest manufacturing concerns of the kind in the country.

The officers chosen for the first year are: President, W. H. McElwee, Ronda, N. C.; vice-president, Daniel Ravenel, Franklin, N. C.; secretary, J. B. Magers, Madison, Ind., and treasurer, Robert L. McQuat, Indianapolis.

Manufacturers who attended the meeting deny that there was any discussion of prices. There has been no uniformity in the size and style of arms, brackets and pins in the past, and the main purpose of the recent meeting was to decide on a standard to be followed in the future in making such articles. With the adoption of this standard the main purpose of the organization was accomplished.

There are about 150 concerns engaged in the manufacture of arms, pins and brackets, and an effort will be made to bring them all into the new association. An executive committee, composed of E. J. Noblett and M. L. Josslyn, of Chicago; A. W. Bruner, Paoli, and J. C. Smoot, North Wilkesboro, N. C., was named to have charge of this work.


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