Virginia Potteries Company will absort the Consumers Insulator Company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick and Clay Record

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 50, no. 1, p. 70, col. 2



A charter has been issued to the Virginian Potteries Company of Charleston, W. Va., the incorporators being W. A. Abbott, Herbert Frankenberger, L, E. Poteet and F. S. Rhodes of Charleston, and L. E. Holderman of New Lexington, Ohio. The company is capitalized at $300,000. The concern will manufacture a variety of products, specializing on high tension insulators and other supplies for electric lines, as well as a fine grade of fireproof cooking ware.

The Virginian Potteries Company will absorb the Consumers Insulator Company of New Lexington, Ohio, and operate both the Dunbar and New Lexington plants, headquarters being maintained at Charlestown. In addition, plans are now being drawn for the construction of a twelve kiln plant, to be erected on a five-acre tract. It is understood that preliminary work will be begun immediately and that the plant will be in operation within a few months. L. E. Holderman, the president of the New Lexington factory, will be in charge of the manufacturing end of the business. F. S. Rhodes, who has recently acquired a large interest in the Consumers Insulator Company of New Lexington. Ohio, will be actively connected with the company in the capacity of secretary.


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