Thomas issues catalog No. 16

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Record

New York, NY, United States
p. 73, col. 2

R. Thomas & Sons Co., East Liverpool, O., has just issued catalogue No. 16 of 106 pages showing its line of insulators and fittings made for all transmission line requirements. The designs shown in this catalogue have been selected according both to experience and the general opinion of engineers as to best practice for their respective uses. Besides giving illustrations and specifications of the different types of insulators made is pin and suspension types, typical construction for high tension lines used by different companies is shown by photographs of poles lines and tower structures. Considerable information is also included on testing equipment and routine and design tests. Besides showing insulators, different designs of special units and suspension insulator fittings, such as suspension clamps, suspension hooks, post insulators, tubes and bushings, roof and wall bushings, floor bushings, pins and ridge irons, illustrations and details of their construction are given. The publication is therefore a handbook on the company's equipment for all classes of line construction and station terminal work.


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