General Porcelain Co. will consolidate plants and move to Parkersburg, WV

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Industrial World

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 47, no. 24, p. 709, col. 3


Announcement of Centralization Plan at Parkersburg, W. Va.


The Board of Commerce of Parkersburg, W. Va., (C. P. Dudley, president; W. Scott Radeker, secretary) announces that the General Porcelain Company, of East Liverpool. O., manufacturers of porcelain insulators and electric fittings, has agreed to centralize its plants at Parkersburg, erecting a factory there costing $400,000. The company's present plants are located at East Liverpool. O.; Trenton, W. Va. [sic] N. J..; Findlay, O., and New Cumberland, W. Va. The company's central offices are at East Liverpool, O., George E. Anderson being treasurer.

The announcement of the board of commerce says in part:

The securing of this industry will necessitate the raising of in the neighborhood of $18,000 on the part of the Board of Commerce, which is necessary to fulfill the obligations and comply with the agreements advanced by the committee in order to obtain their agreement to locate their plants here.

The company is the largest single manufacturer in the country of porcelain fittings for electric work. Its capitalization is $750,000. It is announced that the plant will be located just east of the Baldwin Tool Works, on the South Side. The company promises to begin excavating on or about July 1, and expect to be ready to begin operating before cold weather, this fall.

The buildings to be erected will be 300 by 500 feet, of brick. The new plant will cost $400,000 and will employ, to start with, 400 persons. The board stated that the $18,000 asked of the citizens is not for the payment of any bonus, but to fulfill the board's obligations, including the laying of water mains to the site, etc. the company asking no financial remuneration.


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