Mrs. Ralph Hemingray and Mrs. Robert Hemingray attend Mrs. Shipley's duplicate whist party


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 16, no. 236, p. 5, col. 4



Mrs. Carleton E. Shipley very handsomely entertained a number of lady friends at duplicate whist at her residence on East Adams street yesterday evening. Light refreshments were served after the game was over. Among those present were Mesdames Ralph Hemingray, Robert Hemingray, Thad Neely, Geo. O. Cromwell, C. G. Neely, N. F. Ethell, L. L. Turner, C. M. Turner, Mark Smith, Anthony Meeks, C. L. Bender, J. E. Haffner, Ned Howe, Loan Franklin, E. F. Tyler, Ed Moore, Lew Over, Ambrose Wilson, Kendall, Joseph Bowers, Arthur Patterson, Geo. F. McCulloch, Tremaine, Will Little, J. M. Kirby, Charles Prutzman, J. M. Smith, J. C. Chamberlain, Thos. Kirby, Will Kirby, George Kirby, Robert Widdecomb, A. E. Lyman, J. W. Ream, B. C. Thrall, Clifford Sampson, E. M. Bishop, F. C. Claypool, G. H. Andrews, L. Neely, J. R. Marsh, W. Marsh, Dr. James Will Patterson, J. E. Ethell, Charles Willard, Cary Franklin, A. O. Johnson, Burt Whitely, W. N. Whitely, Lee Shaw, W. C. Dickery, J. E. Durham, M. C. Claypool, H. M. Winans, Carl Spilker, Geo. Spilker, J. W. Perkins, E. A. Shields, Web Richey and Miss Painter.

The guests were received by Mrs. Shipley and Mrs. N. F. Ethell.


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