Carroll Hemingray displayed 6 charcoal drawings at the Muncie Artists Show


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 1, col. 4


Muncie's Artists Show the Result of

Their Labors.


The Muncie Art League, with J. O. Adams as instructor, has completed a number of studies in oil and charcoal during the term just ended, and the majority of them are now displayed at the art store of H. D. Bayless, on east Main street. Several of the pictures are exceptionally fine and a view of them would be especially interesting to the lovers of fine art. The following well known Muncie people have their work represented:

Mrs. J .S. Williams, one charcoal study; six studies in oil.

Mrs. I. N. Trent, two studies in oil.

Mrs. Ervin Allen, two charcoal studies; three in oil.

Mrs. Frank Farquar, one study in oil.

Mrs. Chas. Boldt, one charcoal study; two in oil.

Mrs. John Meredith, one study in charcoal; two in oil.

Mrs. Will Kirby, one interior study in oil.

Miss Caddie White, landscape copy in oil.

Miss Carrol Hemingray, six charcoal drawings from still life and cast.

Miss Florence Walling, four sepia water color studies.

Miss Jennie Bradbury, one charcoal drawing; one study in pastel.

Mrs. Thos. Morgan, five studies in oil.

Mrs. Will S. Stewart, one charcoal drawing; two studies in pastel; three studies in oil.

Master Chas. Jackson, three charcoal drawings.


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