Dan Hemingray is a story teller and Ralph Hemingray has a weakness for good eating


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 4, col. 4



Ralph and Dan Hemingray, the glass manufacturers, are from Kentucky, as everybody who ever met those genial gentlemen know, Dan Hemingray is a story-teller from 'way back, but Ralph has a weakness for good eating. Some of these days Ralph will introduce the "burgoo" in Muncie. The "burgoo" is as far ahead of a barbecue as a clam bake is of a charity picnic. It is an outdoor concoction, and many massive pots of it are said to have simmered over a hot fire in the open at political gatherings tn Kentucky. The making of "burgoo" is thus described: In the bottom of the big pot some red pepper pods are thrown; than potatoes, tomatoes and corn are added; than a half-dozen nicely dressed prairie chickens are thrown into the pot, and also a half-dozen of the fattest farmyard chickens are added; then a couple of dozen of soft-shell crabs and tbree or four young squirrels are thrown on the heap. Enough clear sping or well water is poured into the caldron barely to float the varied contents, and then the fire is started. It must be allowed to simmer slowly for six hours, and an old superstition is that it must be stirred with a hickory stick in order to give it the best flavor. A mere description of the burgoo is enough to make one's mouth water, and the reality . Well, just wait till Ralph makes up his mind.


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