Fight between Ferret and Rats conducted by Robin Hemingray


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 1, col. 6

Ferret vs. Rats.


A number of people enjoyed a fight between a ferret and two rats on East Main street in front of the Arcade yesterday afternoon. Two rats had been captured in a trap and Rob Hemingray soon had his ferret to battle with them. The three were placed in a barrel and a lively skirmish followed. One of the rats was quite large and fought with the ferret for several minutes but the latter was finally victorious and then tackled the other rat and killed him in short order. He then had a feast on their blood. After the fight was over the ferret did not want to leave the barrel but looked around for more victims.


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Researcher:Roger Lucas / Bob Stahr
Date completed:November 23, 2013 by: Bob Stahr;