Eleven Club gives dancing party; Llewellyn Hemingray present


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 8, col. 1


And Gentlemen Friends Have a Delightful

Dancing Party.


The Eleven club composed of that number of young ladies with escorts and a few invited friends had an enjoyable dancing party in the old dance hall in the Anthony block last night, in the room recently vacated by the Boston store, on the third floor. Robert Walker was the manager and Mesdames Edward Olcott and J. M Kirby were chaperones. Music was furnished by the Opera house orchestra and the following composed the party:

Misses Maude Neely, Lewellen [sic] Llewellyn Hemingray, Clara Gill, Helen Hickman, Ballard, Clara and Reba Koons, Bessie Ellis, Eva Winchester, and Messrs. John and Walter McNaughton, Albert Richey, Robert Williams, John Sprowl, Jay Turner, Frank Gass, Will Myers, Karl Oesterle, Robert Walker, Walter Brown and Dr. Wallace.


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