Bob Hemingray is happy his son is heading to Puerto Rico


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 5, col. 4


His Son, Robbin is in the Front Rank at

Porto Rico.


Robert Hemingray was joyous yesterday, after receiving a letter from his soldier boy, Robbin Hemingray, who has been in the ranks of the army for several weeks, but without the desired action.

Robbin is a West Point student, and when the war broke out enlisted with an artillery company from Texas. His company has since been seasoning at Tampa, Fla., until Sunday, when they were among the first to join General Miles' expedition for Porto Rico, and will soon see much work in that part of the globe.

Soon after receiving the letter Mr. Hemingray purchased a hat band made of stars and stripes, and no one is half so patriotic as he, anxious to hear of the success of his Kentucky-bred son.


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