Railroad cars near Hemingray on fire


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 8, col. 1


Box Cars Burned In Industry

the Cause.

Home Brewing Company

Warehouse Has Another Close

Call Tramps the Cause.


Shortly after last midnight an alarm of fire came to the central station from Industry. The indicator in the fire station showed that box 64, located in the midst of the glass factory district had been opened, consequently there was reason to believe that the firemen would all be called out to cope with a big blaze.

The lighted sky in the southeastern part of the city was other proof of quite a conflagration, but when the No. 2 department and Chief Shepp arrived on the scene they found the fire confined to two box cars the stood with a string of seven on the Lake Erie belt track near Macedonia avenue west of the Hemingray factory and opposite Ball's.

The firemen confined the fire to these cars, which were virtually destroyed. To the south of the cars stood the Charles Fickert Home Brewing beer house, and for a time it looked to be in danger. Had it been fired, several tenement houses on the south would have been in direct danger. This fact excited many people previous to the quick arrival of the firemen.

Several tramps were in one of the cars. They had some greasy waste burning on a pan, in one car, and it caused the fire. The loss is confined to the cars.


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