Misses Hemingray attend Valentine party


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 5, col. 4-5


The card party given yesterday afternoon by Mrs. R. E. Evans at her home on East Main street, was one of the most original and successful of the season, everything being in accordance with the day, even to the game, which was "hearts." At one o'clock an elegantly prepared luncheon of four courses was served the guests. The tables were beautifully arranged, small circular tables, about a large table, each being decorated with pink carnations and ferns.

Following this an interesting game of hearts was played. Very pretty tally cards as favors were presented. They were in the shape of hearts delicately tinted with pink, one at each end of a narrow satin ribbon of the same shade. The name of the guest to whom each was given was on the back of the heart. The prizes were all on the valentine order, the first being won by Mrs. J. R. Marsh, who received a beautiful pink pin-cushion, heart-shaped; Miss Gray, a heart-shaped pink box of bonbons; Mrs. G. F. McCulloch, a fine picture. The second prizes were as pretty as the first, all being on the same order. A picture frame, hand painted, with place for a picture, heart-shaped, was won by Mrs. Rose and fancy heart-shaped valentines by Miss Williams and Mrs. Williams.

The guests were Mesdames Olcott, Turner, McCulloch, Winans, Meeks, Bender, Marsh, Anthony, Hattler, Dickie, Rose, Highlands, Hartley, Durham, Misses Hemingray, Olcott, Bell, Turner, Chambers, McNaughton and Gray.


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