Visitors to Muncie entertained at Country Club; Carroll Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 5, col. 5


A few of the visitors in Muncie were entertained last evening at the Country club house. A picnic followed by a dance was the program for the evening's amusement. In attendance were Mrs. M. M. Platt, Covington, Ky., Mrs. Daugherty, Columbus, O., Miss Kylie, Marion, Ind., Miss Taylor, Indianapolis, Miss Terhune, Miss Strong, Terre Haute, Miss Carroll Hemingray, Miss Turner, Miss Olcott, Miss Neely, Miss Ellis, Miss Kirby, Miss Anthony, Miss Hickman, Miss Emerson, Miss Koons, Miss McNaughton, Mr. Williamson, Mr. Gass, Mr. Oesterlee, Mr. Cassady, Mr. John McNaughton, Mr. Greyer, Mr. Scott, Mr. Anothony, Mr. Howe, Mr. Walker.


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