Alfred Meacham appointed to Internal Revenue Collector


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 8, col. 5-6


One Selected Out of a Muncie

Glass Factory.

By the McKinley Administration For a Fat

Federal Position Alfred Meacham's


Mr. Alfred Meacham was yesterday informed of his appointment to a splendid Federal position, that of Internal Revenue Collector, with headquarters at Louisville, Ky., and with the next three weeks Mr. Meacham will go to Washington and then proceed to his new post of duty.


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The appointment comes from President McKinley, and is another recognition of Indiana and Delaware county, in which Congressman-elect Cromer was interested. The appointment is a worthy tribute to the factory employes, not alone in Muncie, but the gas belt, and glassworkers the country over, and this class of workingmen throughout the trade will appreciate the recognition extended their craft in the appointment of Mr. Meacham.

The fortunate young man was a tireless worker for the success of the present administration in the campaign, and a staunch supporter of Mr. Cromer in his contest for election. There is not a brighter young man in Muncie than Alfred Meacham, who came to Muncie as a flint glass blower first in '91 and since '96 has been a resident of the city. His prominence in his chosen craft is shown be the honor paid him in his selection as a delegate from Muncie to the National Flint Glass Workers convention and this year will represent his local again as the meeting in this city. He is chairman of the factory committee on the executive committee to entertain the coming convention here. His friends will be more than delighted at the good news.


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