Muncie, IND.; News of Local 23, Tank 4 being readied to take over for Tank 1 due to shortage of gas

Shipping large amounts of No. 40 insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, OH, United States
vol. 9, no. 1, p. 34, col. 1-2


By Walt Claspell.


The repair work on tank No. 4 at the Hemingray Glass Co. is being rushed for the purpose of having that tank working by the first of November or about then. The natural gas isn't expected to hold up, and tank No. 1, which is now being operated with the natural gas, will be shut down and the men shifted to tank No. 4. The company still has plenty of orders and are shipping a great amount of ware, especially the No. 40 insulator.

The only new arrival at this time is Bro. Harry Lowe, formerly of Gas City.

We have another new boss, a brother of the new manager. He has taken the place of Harry McDonald, who resigned his position on account of ill health. McDonald was presented with a small diamond ring by the brothers before he left for Cincinnati, where, I understand, he expects to make his home. The brothers all wish him the best of success.

At our last meeting we obligated Bros. Pat Cronin and Earnest Patterson.

Bros. Wm. and Charles Casey have been promoted to pressers. Bro. Chas. Carmichael is on the sick list. His nose started bleeding and he had to be taken to the hospital before it could be stopped.

The campaign for the city election is on full blast. The hottest fight will be between the present Mayor Bunch and his Republican opponent, Mr. Charles Grafton, who is being backed by the Manufacturers' Association. The mud is sure flying now. It is my opinion and I think the opinion of many of the brothers that Bunch will win hands down.

The writer is the proud father of a new boy. Mother and babe are doing fine. Well, brothers, it will soon be time for turkey and cranberries, so get your stomach ready for a stuffing. Perhaps a little pain-killer would come in handy.


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