Joslyn buys out remaining shares of Pinco


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States

Harvey Interests in Porcelain Insulator Corp., Lima, Acquired By Joslyn; No Policy Changes


Announcement is made by the Porcelain Insulator Corporation at Lima that the Joslyn Mfg. and Supply Co. has acquired the Harvey interests in The Porcelain Insulator Corporation. For almost 40 years the Harvey and Joslyn names have been associated with the manufacture and sale of insulators made by The Porcelain Insulator Corporation, with each group having approximately the same financial interest in that company.

Following the untimely death of Leo B. Harvey, while president of Pinco, and the recent death of Mrs. William F. Harvey, widow of the founder, the heirs of the Harvey families have sold their interests in The Porcelain Insulator Corporation to the Joslyn Mfg. and Supply Co.

This change in stock ownership will have no effect on the operation of the insulator plant at Lima, the announcement states. The present management, under the direction of Mr. D. H. Osborne, president, will continue to run it with the same personnel and policies. For some time study has been given to a number of plant improvements requiring sizeable capital expenditures, and the management is continuing its consideration of the problems involved therein.

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