Locke insulator works has been incorporated


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States

Incorporated Company Takes the Locke Insulator Works at Victor.


The Locke Insulator Works located in Victor, has been merged into an incorporated stock company with a capital of $150,000. Stock has been issued having a par value of $100 per share. Under the terms of the agreement Mr. Locke, the present owner, is to receive $50,000 in stock and $75,000 in cash, the balance, $25,000, to be placed in the treasury as an operating fund. In return, the company is to acquire the manufacturing plant, other adjacent real estate, all the stock on hand, bills receivable, cash, formulas, patents, etc. The corporation is to be known as the Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company, and the products of the plant are to be glass and porcelain insulators, insulator pins, and other electrical and telephone supplies.

The stock has been well subscribed for and the success of the scheme is assured. The plant is the only one of its kind in this part of the country, and the growth of its business has been phenomenal. There is a constantly increasing demand for the class of goods which it turns out and its products are shipped to nearly every civilized country on the globe. The directors of the new company are as follows: Fred. M. Locke, W. A. Higinbotham, M. W. Burke, Willis D. Newton, of Victor; F. L. Brown, of Shortsville; Henry M. Parmele, of East Bloomfield, and Charles H. Fairchild, of Honeoye Falls.

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