Locke will construct a new plant at Baltimore


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States

Locke Company Products to Be Turned Out in Baltimore



Baltimore, Jan. 21.—The almost immediate establishment of a plant costing from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 and employing at least 700 persons will be the initial step in the development of a colony of industries in South Baltimroe [sic] Baltimore.

This is the summary of plans outlined to-day by Donald Symington, of Symington, Hoffman & Company, with big interests in Rochester. The Symington Company has purchased the remaining sixty-three acres of the Winans property in South Baltimore for over $100,000. Mr. Symington explained that his company, which is engaged in the organization of industries, has bought the tract primarily to be in position to facilitate such organization by having sites to offer to industries, thus eliminating uncertainty and negotiations in this important regard.

"The Locke Insulator Company, control of which has been purchased by Symington, Hoffman & Company," he said, "will be the first industry to be established. This company is engaged in the manufacture of fine porcelain for electrical insulators. It has a plant in Victor, N. Y., which is now overwhelmed with orders and compelled to expand. The Baltimore establishment will be a twenty-four kiln plant, construction of which is expected to begin in the near future. In fact, we shall be much disappointed if the plant is not in operation by July."

The Locke plant In Baltimore will occupy some fifteen acres of the southern portion of the Winans tract and will have a water frontage. This is important as much of the clay used in the manufacture of porcelain will arrive in vessels.

Mr. Symington placed the minimum investment in the plant at $1,000,000. He thought it would be between this amount and $1,500,000. He estimated the minimum number of employees at 700.

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