Test scheduled for J. S. Allen's patent insulator system


Publication: The Los Angeles Herald

Los Angeles, CA, United States
vol. 31, no. 3, p. 1, col. 7


Test of New Electric Insulator Designed by J. S. Allen


A demonstration of the strength and practicability of a new scheme of insulators for high voltage electric transmission was given yesterday moraine at his home, 828 Stephenson by the Inventor, J. S. Allen, before representatives of the local electric companies. Mr. Allen is a practical electric lineman. His scheme is Insulation in series, the device of holding high voltage wires consisting of a series of glass insulators held in a wooden yoke.

Electricians had given their approval of the invention, all but for the matter of strength; they feared that the yoke would not withstand the weight of the wires with their swaying and tugging, but he demonstrated by subjecting the device to a pull of 4000 pounds a far greater weight than any of the insulators in common use can bear. It Is estimated that Mr. Allen's insulator will carry 90,000 volts of electricity; the highest voltage of any line in California is 45,000, and in Southern California 33,000.

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