Muncie, IND.; News of Local 23, Men making No. 40 insulators having trouble with blisters in the rib of the insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Flint

Toledo, OH, United States
vol. 9, no. 3, p. 38-39, col. 2,1-2


By J. W. Claspell.


Everything is still going good at the Hemingray Glass Co. unless it is the natural gas, which fails utterly when the weather becomes cold, but there is an abundant supply of coal on hand and no time is lost on account of gas.

The new manager, Ray Elmwood, after being here for three months, has proven himself to be a fine fellow in every respect and a very capable manager. He is one man in perhaps a thousand that realizes that co-operation between the management and employes is not only the best but the only way to make a real success of any factory or firm, and therefore should become one of the best if not the best factory manager in the state.

Mr. Guy Elmwood, brother of the manager, has taken the place of Harry McDonald and fits his job like the paper on the wall. He was a former school teacher, having taught district, graded and night school in the city of Rochester, N. Y., for about twenty years and was principal of the graded schools for some time. He is a quiet, unassuming and as square a man as one wants to meet.

Some, if not all, of the brothers who are making the No. 40 insulator are having their troubles on account of blisters in the rib of the insulator, and here's hoping they don't get on the spine.

Brother Dick Bird is again the hero of the hour. His nerves were very bad so he took a few bottles of Dr. Joe Elliott's nerve tonic, then went to the Hurst restaurant and won a steady nerve contest from Brother Mike Carmichael by eating a pint of peas with his fork and never dropped one.

Brother Bert Reno took a job gathering, but has evidently got the hookworm as he never works over two days in three weeks.

Grandpa Arnold is still on the job as assessment collector. He says that Uncle Sam must be an awfully old man because he looks just like he did when he (Arnold) was a very small boy. Brother Arnold is over 70.

This is conference month at this plant. We are expecting to have the pleasure of seeing President Wm. Clarke and hoping that everyone is benefited by his visit here.

Brothers Cy Herron and Rus Carmichael recently visited Camp Taylor, where there are a number of Muncie and Delaware county boys. They enjoyed themselves immensely, saw the boys drill and dig trenches and also took noon mess with them. While there they met Ralph Carmichael, a younger brother of Brother R. Carmichael and a member of Local Union No. 51 of Kokomo, Ind. Upon learning that nearly every local in the Union had exempted the brothers from paying dues who were called to the colors and himself not being exempt he felt very bad and thought that Local Union No. 51 was treating him badly and says he will let his dues drop and become suspended and never become a member of No. 51 again.

How many new riders are on the water wagon?

Have you broken your new resolution, brother? How about a big chew now? Or a cigarette, Bill?


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