Telegraph insulators on bed legs prevents insomia


Publication: The Amador Ledger

Jackson, CA, United States
vol. 1901, no. 25

Cure For Insomnia.


I suppose all of us are suffering from the invasion of electricity. My old friend Bounce, who was a victim of Insomnia for 40 years, thinks he sleeps now better than any other man on earth. He lost his way in the Adirondncks and staid overnight in the cabin of a forester. His sleep was the deep sleep of a just man made perfect and In the morning he found that he had not moved half an Inch all night.

"It's the insulation," the forester insisted. "You city folks are killin yourselves with contact. If you'll break the contact you'll be able to sleep and get your nerves back."

This matter of "contact" was finally explained to mean that our bedposts are in contact with the floors, the floors with the wails and the walls with mother earth, so that whatever personal magnetism a man has in him goes away in the nighttime, leaving him like a log on his mattress. The forester had obtained four, glass insulators from telegraph poles somewhere and screwed them on the posts of his guest bed, so that the electricity could not run away. Bounce the very day he got home insulated his bed, and from that moment to the present his insomnia has been banished. New York Press.

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