History of the Luzerne Rubber Co.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: India Rubber Review

Akron, OH, United States
p. 26, col. 1



The Luzerne Rubber Company was organized in Trenton in 1905 by Bruce Bedford and Clarence D. Wilson. Mr. Bedford came to this city from Pennsylvania and became acquainted with Mr. Wilson, a hard rubber salesman. They formed a partnership and went into the hard rubber specialty business with a few workmen. The plant has grown so rapidly that today it is one of the most important hard rubber factories in the east with a force of more than 200 employes. Everything in the hard rubber line is made at the Luzerne plant and recently the concern added a radio parts department. Additions have been added to the plant during the past few years. The officers of the concern are Bruce Bedford, president, and Clarence D. Wilson, secretary and treasurer.


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