Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Co. has reorganized and incorporated

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 79, no. 6, p. 310, col. 1-2

Jeffery-Dewitt Receivership Dismissed -- Reorganization Announced


The receivership of the Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Company, Kenova, W. Va., which filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy on Nov. 2, 1921, has been dismissed by the United States court at Huntington, W. Va., and the reorganization of the company has been completed. As explained by company officers, the receivership was obtained in order to facilitate the transportation of the company from being a subsidiary of the Jeffery-Dewitt Company of Detroit to a similar relation with respect to the Champion Spark Plug Company, Detroit, which is the owner of both companies. In operation all three companies are independent of each other.

The new Jeffery-Dewitt Insulator Company is incorporated in West Virginia with a capital stock of $800,000. The engineering and operating organization of the old company has been taken over intact, but the executive personnel has been changed. R. A. Stranahan, president of the Champion Spark Plug Company, is also president of the insulator company. M. C. Dewitt is vice-president, as is J. A. Jeffery, while F. D. Stranahan is treasurer and W. W. Hoffman is secretary. J. F. Sinclair is general manager and will have his headquarters at the factory in Kenova.


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