Stilliminite used for making spark plugs and other insulators


Publication: Syracuse Herald

Syracuse, NY, United States
vol. 44, no. 2236, p. 52, col. 4



Stilliminite [sic] Sillimanite, a new mineral recently discovered in large quantities in the White Mountains of the Inyo Range in California by Dr. J. A. Jeffery, president of the Champion Porcelain Company, marks the greatest achievement in spark plug construction in the last decade, declares R. A Stranahan, president of the Champion Spark Plug Company of Toledo.

Six out of every 10 automobile engines the world over are today giving more efficient performance than ever before because of this mineral, Mr. Stranahan says. It will also have considerable to do with improving electrical insulators of various other kinds. Tons upon tons of it are already being used by science. The Champion Spark Plug Company has exclusive rights to it and uses it in making spark plug porcelain.

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