Cooke-Wilson Electric Supply Company issues catalog No. 4

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Coal Mine Management

Chicago, IL, United States
p. 54, col. 2


Cooke-Wilson Electric Supply Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., have issued catalogue No. 4 for 1922-23. It is printed in book form with heavy covers and should have a permanent place in a coal mining man's library. It contains 381 pages of text matter with expensive cuts illustrating each product handled by this extensive organization. To one who is seriously interested in the purchase of equipment or supplies this catalogue will be very valuable. Mine Superintendents and General Managers will find it covers a wide range of electrical supplies which he is constantly in need of, from the smallest fitting to heavy equipment, such as hoists and self-dumping cages.


Keywords:Cooke-Wilson Electric Supply Company : U-98
Researcher notes:This catalog does show one mine insulator, but the illustration looks like U-85 instead of U-98, which is known with the embossed marking COOKE WILSON E. S. CO.
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