Duggan to finance building a hotel at Spring Lake

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass and Pottery World

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 11, no. 8, p. 21, col. 2



Frederic A. Duggan, of the Imperial Porcelain Company, is interested in a plan to finance a scheme to erect a hotel at Spring Lake, a popular summer resort along the Atlantic coast in this state, to cost in the neighborhood of $250,000. Mr. Duggan, who is developing into one of Trenton's most prosperous business men and leading citizens, has agreed to take a first mortgage on the property to secure an issue of $125,000 in gold bonds. The balance has been subscribed by the stockholders. He is also a stockholder. Previous efforts to finance the project had failed, and after he had taken hold of the matter in his usual businessw-like way, there were several good offers, but they all came too late.


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