Supreme court reviews liens on property of the Cook Porcelain Insulator Co.


Publication: The Coshocton Tribune

Coshocton, OH, United States
vol. 30, no. 252, p. 1, col. 7


COLUMBUS, O. -- The Muskingum watershed conservancy district and the village of Byesville asked the state supreme court today to review Guernsey county court decisions which denied them prior claims to the property of the insolvent Cook Porcelain Insulator Corp.

The courts held that the best and first lien on the property was held by the Guernsey county treasurer in the amount of $5,719.

Byesville held a lien of $2,062 and the conservancy district one for $2,250, common pleas court ruled. It decided that the district's claim of a $4,500 assessment was excessive.

The property of the company was appraised as being worth only $2,000.

After a foreclosure on the property in 1937 the court ordered the sale order set aside.

It then directed the sale, stating that the county treasurer could claim his full amount after court costs had been paid. The village was then to present its lien for the balance, to be followed by the conservancy district lien. Any remaining amount was to be used in settling other claims made by Byesville and the district.

Appellate court affirmed that decision.

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