Hartford Faience quilty of unfair labor practices


Publication: The Hartford Courant

Hartford, CT, United States
p. 10

Faience Company Guilty of Unfair Labor Practices




WASHINGTON -- The trial examiners of the National Labor Relations Board have found a Hartford manufacturer guilty of unfair labor practices in discharging an employe who participated in a brief work stoppage.

The Hartford Faience Co., which manufactures, sells and distributes high voltage electrical porcelain products, has been order to reinstate Gary D. Wilkos Sr. Wilkos was fired in October, 1969 after he participated with some 35 other employes in a brief work stoppage, part of the employe's efforts to obtain a wage increase from the company.

The trial examiners ordered Hartford not to discharge employes because of their concerted activities in mutual aid or protection.

They also ordered the company to reinstate Wilkos with back pay.

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