Strikers return to work at Ohio Insulator Co.


Publication: The Sandusky Star Journal

Sandusky, OH, United States
vol. 69, no. 301, p. 17, col. 1


Compromise Reached Ending Three Months Strike Causing Rioting At Barberton.

BARBERTON -- (UP) -- A line of men filed through the gates of the Ohio Insulator Co. plant here today as a three-month strike ended.

Members of the Brotherhood of Operative Potters local union accepted the company's offer to take back all old employes, regardless of strike activities, to guarantee seniority rights, to bargain collectively and hear complaints, and to pay over-time wages.

Before daylight, workers gathered at the plant where company guards and strikers had clashed when the company attempted to reopen the plant on Nov. 20.

All but 25 of the 300 workers who were on the payroll when the strike started were back in the plant today. The rest will be back as soon as they can be notified, company officials said.

"Strikes are bad for everyone," G. L. Draffan, executive vice president of the company said. "They are easy to start but hard to stop. Naturally we are glad this one is over."

The agreement was signed by Draffan. It had been rejected previously by the strikers because it was not signed.

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