NGK Insulators, Ltd will join GE's Locke insulator plant


Publication: The Berkshire Eagle

Pittsfield, MA, United States
vol. 82, no. 209, p. 21, col. 1-2

Japanese will join GE in insulator production


A Japanese firm, NGK Insulators, Ltd., will soon join General Electric in ownership and management of GE's insulator plant in Baltimore, MD.

The new formed company, called Locke Insulators, Inc., will assume responsibility for the plant in March 1974. At that time, GE employes will be working for the new company, with no changes in pay, benefit or pension plans.


MacDonald named manager


The 600-employe Baltimore facility has long been associated with the Pittsfield GE transformer-related business. Since 1971 it has been part of the protective equipment products department (PEP) headquartered here.

Chief operating officer of the new firm will be Gordon R. MacDonald, who worked from 1966 to 1971 here as manager of manufacturing for GE's power transformer department. MacDonald has been GE plant manager in Baltimore since 1971.

Creation of the new firm is not expected to affect Pittsfield operations, but the Baltimore plant will continue to be a major source of porcelain products for GE components here and elsewhere.

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