Ohio Brass exhibiting Locke insulators

Third Regular Annual Meeting of the American Railway Mechanical & Electrical Association, Philadelphia, PA; September 25-26, 1905

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Daily Street Railway Review

Philadelphia, PA, United States
vol. 15, no. 9A, p. 630, col. 1-2


The exhibit of the Ohio Brass Co., Mansfield, O., occupies the larger portion of section D, and is 60 x 24 ft. in size; the space is almost immediately opposite the lunch room in the main exhibition hall and convenient to the stairways and elevators leading to the meeting room of the convention proper on the second floor.

Here the company has a complete and elaborate display of its general line of overhead material, including all styles of pole brackets, ets; in connection with single phase line material, three styles of single phase bracket construction are shown, as well as a full line of Locke Manufacturing Co's. high tension insulators especially suited for single phase work; a number of types of third rail insulators are shown mounted on blocks. The Nichols-Lintern pneumatic air sander is shown in full operation, the Haycox car signal, and the Monarch track cleaner mounted as in operation. The company's steel hose bridges are also shown. Practical demonstrations of installing soldered rail bonds will be given at frequent intervals, as well as having a complete display of bonds already installed in rails.

In addition to its very interesting and instructive exhibit of its products, the Ohio Brass Co. has provided accommodations for visitors, and heartily urges all street railway men and their friends and families to make free use of its space, utilizing it as a meeting place and to deposit wraps and parcels. The following representatives of the company are in attendance: C. K. King, vice-president; A. L. Wilkinson, secretary; A. L. Price, foreign agent; G. A. Mead, electrical engineer; N. M. Garland, F. H. Jameson and R. M. Campbell, of the New York sales ofiice; and E. F. Wickwire, _I. E. Slimp and M. P. Wolcott, of the general sales ofiice.


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