Findlay introduces a new split nail knob

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Publication: Electrical Record

New York, NY, United States
p. 277, col. 1

Porcelain Insulator with Swivel Cap


Ease of installation is the outstanding feature of the new split knob porcelain insulator placed on the market by the Findlay Electric Porcelain Company, Findlay, Ohio. To avoid the sorting of caps and bases the insulator comes completely assembled with base, cap, nail and leather washer as shown in the accompanying illustration. The gripping surface of the cap is knurled instead of being grooved. This makes it unnecessary to align the cap with the base and thus simplifies the installing operation. On account of the leather washer and substantial construction of the cap, the insulator is not easily broken.


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It is believed that the use of this insulator will eliminate a great deal of trying work, especially in overhead construction. The knurled surface of the cap grips the wire firmly and makes slipping impossible after the nail has been driven home.


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