Atwood Faience Co. established in Hartford

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Clay-Worker

Indianapolis, IN, United States
vol. 22, no. 4, p. 264, col. 2-3


The Atwood Faience Co., is the name of a new enterprise to be established at Hartford, Conn. A plant will be erected for the exclusive manufacture of architectural faience and enameled brick upon a large scale. Architectural faience is enameled terra cotta and is now being made successfully by Fiske, Homes & Co., Boston, Mass, mostly for interior decoration for which purpose it is unequalled both for sanitary and ornamental purposes. It is now coming into more common use and is thought will soon be used extensively for exterior decoration, its non-absorbent qualities making it very desirable for localities when smoke and grim play havoc with ordinary building decorations. The new company is said to be well equipped for extensive operations. Its officers are Clarence E. Whitney, president; Eugene R. Atwood, secretary and general manager; and Fred. J. Bishop, treasurer.


Keywords:Atwood Faience Company : Hartford Faience Company
Researcher notes:By 1900 the name of the company had been changed to Hartford Faience Co.
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